Welcome message from the Honorary Consul

Welcome to the new website of the "Honorary Consulate of Belgium in Bangladesh". Perhaps you are aware that recently the Honorary Consulate of Belgium has started to function as full-fledged.

May I take this opportunity to inform you all that I have been appointed as the new Honorary Consul of Belgium. For any of your needs regarding Consular Services/Visa related quarries/ please do not hesitate to contact our office which is dedicated to serve you. If your need is beyond our jurisdiction then we will be able to guide you the proper way.

From this site you will get detailed information about Belgium, their heritage, environment, education, business, trade & investment. We have prepared this site to be user friendly so that you may easily navigate through it and find what you require regarding your requirements.

Enjoy your visit.

Dr. Arif Dowla
Honorary Consul

The coat of arms

The coat of arms (as used by the Belgian federal government, on passport covers and the official sites of the monarchy and of the government) consists of the shield, the royal crown, the crossed sceptres, the collar of the Order of Leopold and the motto. The Belgian nation takes red, yellow and black as colours, and as state coat of arms the Belgian lion with the motto UNITY MAKES STRENGTH.



The .be is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Belgium. The domain became active in 1989 and was administrated by Pierre Verbaeten of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. For companies that conduct business in that country and individuals who want to reach the growing number of Internet users there, .be domain names are a good investment. Registering a .be domain name gives the user regional recognition and an easy-to-manage Web presence. Any .be registration has to be ordered via a registered agent.


The national flag of Belgium (Dutch: Vlag van BelgiŽ, French: Drapeau de la Belgique, German: Flagge Belgiens) contains three equal vertical bands of black (hoist side), yellow, and red. As the picture of the Belgium Flag indicates the background is tri-color - Black, Yellow and Red. The description of the Belgian Flag is: Three equal vertical bands of black (hoist side), yellow, and red. According to Ancient and Heraldic traditions much symbolism is associated with colors. The colors on the Belgium flag represents: Yellow - a symbol of generosity, Red - hardiness, bravery, strength & valour and Black Ė Determination.